Females are not small males!

Understanding the unique and individual considerations for female athletes at the various transitions in their lifespan is essential to optimise their performance and safeguard their career. From adolescent to adulthood, perinatal to perimenopause there are important considerations for the female athlete.

Evolution of the athletic female

Female participation in performance sport is growing. Yet it is a much newer concept than male athletes engaging in performance sports. As a result, much of the research base informing sports medicine is based on studies investigating males. Current practice does not always consider the unique anatomical and physiological variations between sexes.

The athletic mother

Females in performance sports entering motherhood is an even newer concept. More and more inspiring examples of high performance mothers are being highlighted and therefore the knowledge and skills of the professionals supporting them needs to adapt to these new circumstances.

Who are we?

This course has been created by 3 physiotherapists who are passionate about developing the knowledge and awareness necessary to optimise each female athlete’s potential.

Dr Helen McElroy PhD MSc BSc, Gráinne Donnelly BSc(Hons) PgC HCPC and Emma Brockwell BSc(Hons)

Dr Helen McElroy
Gráinne Donnelly
Emma Brockwell

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